A Message from Annie Mango

I was not born here, but Sanibel has always been the home of my heart. No matter where I have lived, or how far I have traveled, I have always returned to the island. Sanibel calls to me just as I imagine the tides called to the Calusa.

My hope is for you to become as invested in the future of the island as I am. I want you to see the island through the lens of my writing. In time, you will discover that I tend to be a somewhat cynical yet creative thinker. There is little that I take at face value, and I am always looking for the hidden agenda. My writing will make it clear to you that, when the future of Sanibel is at stake, there are no restrictions on the words I share.

Sanibel is inhabited by humans as well as wildlife, but it is the humans I fear. Humans make the decisions that affect the quality of life here, and humans have the power to destroy. Nearly forty years ago, a group of forward thinking individuals banded together to create the Sanibel plan. They gave us a gift, and I intend to preserve their legacy. Join me as I travel around the island on four wheels, on two wheels, by boat and by foot. I will share with you the way I see the island.