Friday, October 8, 2010

Let the stories be told

Sanibel is, at its heart, a small town. Like any small town, stories worth telling tend to spread quickly. According to local Island lore, the underground news network on Sanibel is affectionately referred to as the Palm Telegraph. As with any unofficial news service, this communication network tends to be efficient and more or less accurate.

In the spirit of small town news, I present the Sanibel Palm Telegraph. Through my writing, I wish to share my perceptions of the Island and its stories. I want you to read about things you may not find in the local papers. I hope you laugh, gasp, wonder, comment and debate. My intention is to educate and entertain. Although I may occasionally make mischief, I will never be malicious. Enjoy these tales of life on and around the Island. Remember that there is more to Sanibel than meets the eye.


Annie Mango

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