Monday, October 25, 2010

Pet Peeves

Yes, I have pet peeves. Doesn't everyone? Here are two of mine...

Dogs off leash at the beach.

Sanibel has a leash law that requires dogs to be on leash or constrained by a fence at all times when they are outside. There are reasons for this law, not the least of which is to keep dogs from harassing wildlife. Just don't do it. Keeping your dog on a leash is safer for the dog, safer for wildlife, and safer for everyone your dog doesn't know. To all of you who keep your dogs leashed, thank you!!

Trash on the beach.

Come on, people. How hard is it to pick up your trash and take it off the beach. In the past two weeks I have picked up cans, bottles, plastic bags, a cheap towel, a bag of dog poop, tangles of monofilament, and other assorted bits of flotsam. Please take your trash with you.  And if you see trash left by others, please do not hesitate to pick it up as well.

Thank you to everyone who helps to keep Sanibel beautiful and safe for people and wildlife alike.

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